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Here's a quick breakdown of our Graphics service.

All graphics are HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl).

For more information, questions or to contact us, email



What is a Simple Application?

When you bring in/drop off your own apparel and email a PNG image that contains only one color that doesn't need to be altered or changed. The image is downloaded to our software, then applied to your apparel. That simple! Estimated prices start and range between $1.99 -$7.49 per item.

What items apply for a simple application?

T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tanks, Tote Bags, Fitted Face Coverings 

Can I bring just one item? And what's the limit of items I can have made at once?

Yes! You can have just one item made.

You can bring up to 50 items. For an estimated time of delivery please email us.

What if I want a graphic with more than 1 color?

Prices depend on the complexity of the graphic. For your best estimate please email us.


What does it mean to have my logo or image reworked?

This is when we have to adjust the logo to best fit your apparel. In the examples above, on the left, the customer wanted to have their logo staggered in a vertical line down the back. This meant each letter had to be detached as some of the letters were originally connected. 

As for the hoodie on the right, the customer asked the logo be curved. 

Does this come at an extra cost?

Yes, as this takes time to adjust in our software, there is a service charge of $15-$25 depending on its complexity. This is a one time charge. Once saved into our database, there is no additional service fee to be charged in the future for returning customers.


What does it mean to have my design or logo reworked?

Sometimes our clients have a logo they may want to change or update. The example above on the left shows an original character logo brought in by our customer. They wanted it be reworked/redesigned to better fit their brand. After our graphic designer drafted several options, the customer chose the image shown above. 

The example on the right is of two reference images sent by the customer for a kids face mask. For a vinyl graphic application, our graphic designer had to draft a simplified version to keep the integrity of what the customer wanted. See above for the approved and finished example.

Is there a service fee for reworking an existing design/logo?

Yes. There is a service fee starting at $25. To redesign a logo our graphic artist must take the time to create a custom image. Once completed, the redesigned graphic will also be used at our companies discretion.

Can this design be exclusive to me only?

Yes. For exclusivity on the image the service fee is $50. The $25 fee is not included. 


What does it mean to have a custom made tag?

If want to have your own logo attached to your wardrobe with a tag, we will create one for you! Made from soft nylon fabric and your logo/design. We'll also sew the tag onto your merch.

What does each tag cost?

Prices start at $0.99 .

What does it mean to have custom made apparel?

You want a 1/1 item exclusive to you! Our in house fashion designer will work with you to create any design you'd like. Yes! Be it a dress, top, bottoms, sky's the limit. Then apply your design image where you'd like.

The example above shows a women's crop muscle T and face mask made from athletic fabrics exclusively for our customer.

What is the price for this service?

A consultation is needed to receive an estimated price. Please email us with your ideas fit for any occasion. 

Quality and value are at the top of our list and so are you, our customer. 

Send us an email today and let us make your perfect graphic merchandise!


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